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Fascinating VisionTalks &

mindblowing technologies

You get the combined knowledge of the best thought leaders in the world. You'll get the most accurate and spot-on forecast for the next ten years, because you'll get first-hand research results and hear about those projects that are actually being worked on right now.


What role will people have in ten years' time as managers, employees, customers, business partners, experts, friends and lovers?


What will we experts measure ourselves by when computers increasingly give better answers than we do?

With us you will meet for example...

DR. ERIC BROWN Director Watson Algorithms | IBM

… the father of the world's most famous AI computer predicts the development of artificial intelligence and gives "parenting tips" for AI.
DR. SIMON KOS | Chief Medical Officer | Microsoft
… predicts medical food, fewer diseases and the leap in life expectancy over the next 10 years.

DR. CHUCK JORGENSEN | Chief Scientist | NASA 

… plans the technology roadmap of the world's most powerful technology institution.


… is turning Elon Musk's idea into reality, that in the future people will travel as pneumatic tube mail at airplane speed.

JOE KOWALSKY Director & CIO Cryonics Institute

 … freezes people when they die in order to wake them up in the future when there is a treatment for the disease they died of.


…  was the first scientist to "play creator" and create a completely new species of living being on the computer and bring it to life.

DR. RANDAL KOENE Chief Scientist | Kernel

… is conducting multi-million-dollar research on the brain-computer interface and predicts brain upload in 2045.
ALIYA PROKOFYEVA | Founder | Galaktika
... is working on the prototype of a gigantic space station for 10,000 people with workplaces, research facilities, living areas, schools, leisure facilities.

PROF. MEI ZHAORONG | Ambassador | VR China

… forecasts China's future role as a world leader in economics and technology.

THOMAS TUCHEL | Football trainer | Chelsea FC

 … explains how modern leaders manage to teach their employees to forget: LEARN TO UNLEARN as the most important future competence!

KELL RYAN | Co-Founder | RyanAir

… explains the innovation strategy he used to attack the top dogs in the distributed aviation market and what other innovators need to learn from it.

PROF. TERRY WINOGRAD | Creator Design Thinking | Stanford University

… the founder of the famous d-school at Stanford invented the most famous innovation method in the world: Design Thinking.
... heads the world's largest genetics institute and predicts a "genome-based lifestyle" with gene repair, wish babies and adaptive nutrition.

STEPHEN ATTENBOROUGH | Europa-Chef| Virgin Galactic

… the europe head of Richard Branson's "most ambitious venture" describes the New Space Race to the first commercial SpaceLine and tourist flights into space.

PAUL VAN DYK | DJ, Worldstar

 … explains the mindset of future generations and the future of education.

So far confirmed Speakers Highlights 2021

You will have the opportunity to interact live with speakers and attendees, giving you access to an international network of strategy and innovation leaders.


Country Business Development Manager; IKEA | NOR 

… wants to harness the potential of digitization for sustainable growth to enable people to live better at home.


Geschäftsführer von StudiVZ; Investor | DE

... built up the social network StudiVZ as CEO and invested in Kreditech, Brands4friends and Lieferando. In 2017, he launched the Berlin-based company i2x, which trains sales and service staff with the help of artificial intelligence and aims to improve customer communication.


Director of Business Development, IMPOSSIBLE Foods | US

… talks about changes in the global food system.


CEO von Haier Europe| FRA


… talks about Rendanheyi model, which has increasingly highlighted its value under these changing times. Especially during the Covid-19 period, many scholars and companies around the world have highly praised the Rendanheyi model. 


Co-Founder & CEO of AiFi | US

… develops scalable auto-checkout technologies for brick-and-mortar retail, from small stores to large enterprises. AiFi uses AI technology.


Biohacker, DIY-Gentechniker | US


… uses CRISPR gene manipulation to endow his dogs with supernatural abilities. 


Futurologist, Chairman, 2b AHEAD ThinkTank| GER

… shapes the future business models and strategy roadmaps of the German economy with his books and future studies like no other.


Chief Digital Officer, Deutsche Bahn | DE


… talks about artificial intelligence and high-tech developments.


MEP / chairwoman of the committee for "Future of Science & Technology" | GRC


… describes how politics will work on the basis of artificial intelligence in 2030 and how block chain technology will also skyrocket the EU administration.


Director of Tufts University - Allen Discovery Center | US


… talks about the Bio-Electric Morphogenetic Code for Regeneration, Cancer Control, and Birth Defects.



…  talks about the future of technology, where language barriers should no longer exist.


Head of the Genome Editing Lab at Kulakov Medical Center | RUS


... talks about the mutual influence of social networks and genetic data in the age of genomics.


Managing Director of Intel Deutschland GmbH/Initiative 21| DE

… considers innovations to be a necessary prerequisite for keeping a successful company dynamic and ensuring future growth.


Chief Strategy Officer of PsiQuantum | US


… talks about building a general-purpose silicon photonic quantum computer.


Designer, Fashion Tech | NL


… designs and 3D prints clothes that interact with the body and brain waves of their wearer.


Executive Director of ceres, Medizinethikerin| DE

… speaks on neuroethics, genome editing, and on quality of life issues, she is involved in policy advocacy.

What can you expect

at the 2b AHEAD Future Congress?

Panel discussions in ThinkTank format. Speakers and participants will once again meet at eye level in 2021. No frontal sound reinforcement, no power point battles, no product and company presentations! The speakers speak freely, precisely and pointedly, are argumentative and willing to discuss.


Let yourself be fascinated by keynotes and mindblowing technologies in the VisionTalks.

The Highlights

Internationally renowned


Impulses for innovative


Exciting Insights from the world

of the future

Interaction at

eye level

Exclusive exchange with


Networking at

decision-maker level

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  • 1 overnight stay in a 5-star congress hotel
  • Access to the video documentation of all speeches afterwards
  • Personal Network Assistance


2.990 EUR
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  • Live streaming access to all keynotes and panels
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  • Conference documents as PDF

What our participants say

"It was again an all-around successful 2b AHEAD Future Congress: great program - inspiring presentations - interesting discussions - top organization. I was very happy to attend and will be back again."
"I was blown away by the energy in the room at the 2b AHEAD Future Congress and the breadth of topics being worked on to solve challenges of this world and our future as humanity."
"After these two days of Future Congress, you perceive the world with a broader view and the resistances in your own company no longer seem insurmountable."
"What makes the 2b AHEAD Future Congress special is the opportunity to experience firsthand the direction we are moving in as a society. The 2b AHEAD Future Congress is a must-attend event for anyone serious about our future."
"High praise for your event. That was a very professional realization although that was - I assume - also new territory for you. I found Dominik Schieler, the second speaker on the first day, and the American SciFi author who closed the event particularly exciting. But what I found best of all was your closing remarks. Respect. That had TV format."
"Thank you very much for this exciting future congress! Always a super platform to look far beyond one's own nose."
"The special thing about the 2b AHEAD Future Congress is that I get a lot of opinions and new impressions for an uncertain future in a short time. "
"I will recommend the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank's Future Congress to others because it has been consistently confirmed as the most interesting highlight of the year for me for many years. "
"Respect with which eloquence and energy Sven Gabor Janszky moderated the two days multilingual. "

Frequently asked questions

How do I receive my ticket?

After successful purchase, you will receive an e-ticket from us by e-mail. Please bring it to the event as a printout or in digital form (e.g. on your smartphone).

What if I can't attend?

If you cancel your participation up to 16 weeks before the start of the event, half of the participation fee will be charged. In case of no-show or cancellation less than 16 weeks before the event, the full participation fee will be charged. A transfer of the ticket to a substitute participant is possible at any time. In this case, please inform us of the name of the substitute participant. The organizer reserves the right to change the program due to current events.

How can I participate?

We will send you an e-mail in advance with all the necessary login data. This e-mail contains a personal access link. With this you can participate in the event with one click.


Where will the congress take place?


The 20th Future Congress will take place at BMW Welt Munich.


BMW World Munich

At the Olympic Park 1

80809 Munich